The Best time of year to Get Married

best time of year to get married in sydney

Before you can pick a date, start looking at venues, or even plan your outfit, you've got to choose a time of year to get married. We've shot every kind of wedding (from elegant weddings in lovely castles to whimsical bohemian affairs in wide fields) in every month of the year, so we can run you through the pros and cons and help you make a decision! 

winter weddings

winter wedding photo

Winter weddings have a lot going for them, they're super cosy and intimate, you've got a much better chance of getting the venue you want on the date you want, and there's no risk of heatstroke! The sun sets early, so your afternoon wedding can run seamlessly into your reception. 


  • cosy atmosphere

  • better venue availability

  • no sweat!

  • consider a "first look" if timing for photos is too tight

  • July has the lowest average rainfall

  • honeymoon in the Northern Hemisphere summer


  • the chilly weather's not for everyone

  • outdoor weddings need more planning to make sure your guests are comfortable

  • early sunset means you've got to be more careful with your schedule

  • fewer floral options

Spring weddings

Early spring is fresh and crisp - the days are starting to get longer and the chill of winter is gone. After daylight savings time starts, you've got more sunlight to work with, so you've got more flexibility for your schedule. Gardens are verdant and your floral options increase dramatically. 



  • mild weather - not too hot, not too cold

  • mother nature puts on an awesome show

  • sunset's getting later, allowing more flexibility

  • outdoor weddings are easier to plan, but watch out for the chilly evenings!


  • spring - especially after daylight savings starts - is one of the two busiest times of year (Autumn is just as bad). Getting the venue of your dreams could mean a long wait!

  • if you're at a popular spot, you might run into other bridal parties. AWKS!

  • people with allergies can really suffer in spring

  • travel during peak season can put pressure on your budget

SUmmer weddings

Summertime, and the living is easy! Bright blue skies, long warm evenings, what's not to love! Summer feels like relaxing holidays and celebration, bring on the heat! 

AlisonDane_highlights-80 (1).jpg


  • long days mean you can schedule a late ceremony, and have lots of flexibility time-wise

  • outdoor receptions really come into their own in summer - sipping Pimms and lemonade under festoon lights in a field? Yes please!

  • Plenty of beautiful flowers are available for your bouquet and decorations

  • No need to plan for warmer clothes for the evening


  • outdoor ceremonies can be pretty uncomfortable if you don't time them right - guests and couples alike can get sweaty and irritable (or get sunstroke!) if they're in the sun before the late afternoon

  • the humidity can leave your makeup and hair in a less than perfect state

  • Summer is pretty popular, so getting the right venue (with aircon!) can be a challenge

  • Your guests might be travelling over the festive season - send out save the dates early!



The hot sun relents a little, but the days are still long and lovely. The humidity has eased off, and your outfit options are a little wider if you don't have to worry about being sweaty or freezing.


  • long, mild evenings and pleasant weather make planning a breeze

  • the changing colour of the leaves can be a pretty backdrop

  • choose your based on style not function - you're not going to freeze or swelter.

  • Autumn is perfect for outdoor weddings - no one gets hot, no one gets cold! Just make sure you've got a good wet weather option, because...


  • The risk of rain is highest in March!

  • like spring, the mild weather and long days make Autumn very popular. Getting your venue and preferred vendors might be tough, book early!

  • Keep an eye on the public holidays - your guests might make other plans

So what do I choose?

If you're happy to wait (or work really hard!) to get the venue and vendors you love, Spring or Autumn might suit you (we've got bookings two years out for the most popular days!). You can also consider a weekday wedding if you really love this time of year. 

If you're a sun worshipper, summer is the obvious choice. Just make sure you're super careful with your timings so no one gets too uncomfortable (or worse) and so you're not squinting in the high sun in your photos. 

If you love the cold (or love being cosy!) winter is a clear winner. With the most flexibility of any season, you'll have more options for venues and vendors, and you can plan a wedding in a few short months. 


We've done this a few more times than you, so if you'd like some advice we're more than happy to help! Reach out, we'd love to chat!