Yvonne + Jorge's low-key wedding

 For Yvonne and Jorge, simple and low-key is their version of the perfect wedding. 50 close friends and families for their guests, a salsa band, a bilingual priest, these details make the wedding enjoyable for the couple.

We're loving the leafy small details that they had as well at their reception (even the cake, made by Yvonne's friend, has them!). You can tell we're a sucker for DIYs and we have to admit we like the idea that Yvonne herself did her own bouquet.

It's worth noting that Yvonne and Jorge met doing charity work in UK. So kids, we've proven yet again that charity work won't only make you a beautiful helpful human being, but it can also let you meet your possible future wife/husband. We can't see the downside there. 

Yvonne and Jorge held their ceremony at St. Brigid's Church and reception at The Botanical Gardens restaurant.