Zip + Adam's Traditional Orthodox Jewish wedding at the Sydney Polo Club

Zip & Adam's wedding

These cuties held their Jewish wedding at the Sydney Polo Club. This wedding had big boots to fill - Adam set the bar high when he proposed in London  Hampton Court. Adam (with Zip's friends) was waiting in the middle of the Hedge Maze holding up a massive banner saying "Zip Rona Will you marry me?"

They DIY'd a lot of the details - the fabric brooches, the centrepieces & the Chuppah.
The Chuppah, made by Zips mum, had the hebrew lettering of "Kol sosson V'Kol Simcha" which is part of 1 of the traditional 7 blessings said on the wedding day. It also had their hebrew names & the hebrew date of the wedding embroidered onto it.

See the bottom of the post for a complete list of vendors. 


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