Maria + Gerard's Circa 1876, Hunter Valley Wedding

Thanks to their mutual friends, Maria and Gerard met. They were friends when they were planning a trip to Japan, but were dating by the time they went on the trip. So folks, don't hesitate planning that travel you've been thinking about.

What was the inspiration behind your wedding theme / vibe?

Good food, vineyards and wine estates.

Advice for other couples planning a wedding?

Wedding planning is easy - just be organised, find the venue and everything will fall into place after that. Just be aware of the last minute changes--usually from guests, and roll with the punches. You can only control what you can so if things don't work the way you planned (like the 48-degree heat wave at our wedding), just make the most of the day and enjoy yourselves!


There's a full list of vendors at the bottom of the page.

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