How much time do we need for our photos?

How much time do we need for our photos?

Firstly, and most importantly, be generous with your timeframes if you can. Include some cushion room so you don't feel stressed!

Getting ready photos: these are really nice because we can get some really wonderful candid shots of you and your bridal party and family - and some really cute stop motion footage. We think it's an important part of the story of your day: the nerves, the silliness, the foxy bridal-veil-pjs outfit combos, your dad trying to get the bow-tie on the ring-bearing-dog, et cetera. Ideally, we'd have at least an hour with you before you need to leave.

The ceremony: You want us to shoot this bit, right? Civil ceremonies typically take about half an hour, and traditional ceremonies tend to take about an hour

After the ceremony: After the ceremony, factor in at least half an hour for congratulatory hugs - this gives you 18 seconds per hug for 100 guests ("Thank-you-Nanna-I-love-you-too-no-I'm-not-pregnant-yet-Thank-you-Uncle-Bob-yes-he-is-a-handsome-young-man-Lovely-to-see-you-best-friend-yes-I'd-love-some-champagne"). Then you need another half hour for group shots (the actual shots don't take long, but the cat herding - aka Dad-herding - can take ages).

Styling and venue shots: You've spent ages choosing your venue, the decorations, the flowers, the cake - let's make sure we schedule time to shoot it! Ideally we'd like to shoot these details in daylight, and before your guests start eating them/ sniffing them/ putting their sticky guest paws all over them. (True even for guests who aren't puppies). 

Shots of the two of you/ shots with the VIPs

Depending on your schedule, these shots can be just after the ceremony, or a little later. We'd love an hour with you - this is enough time that we can wander around, and get a few relaxed photos of you bathing in the glorious light of marital love (but not so long that you get sick of us - only some kind of masochist would dare come between newlyweds and their party).  

Golden hour: If we can't schedule the shots of the two of you during the hour before sunset, it's awesome if you can pop out of your reception - even for ten minutes - to take advantage of the most spectacular light of the day. To find out what time the sun sets on your wedding day, click here

Party time: If we had our way, we'd stay till the end of the party - we can shoot your friends busting out hot moves on the dancefloor (this is great stop motion material), the speeches, the garter toss (and/or any other slightly pervy traditions you might want to include). The photo booth will be popular for as long as it's open - it's literally always a hit.

Exeunt! Do you have a fancy exit planned? Consider having a photographer stay until you leave (for the first time as proper married grown ups!)

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