The preparation, the outfits, the nervous excitement, you with your bridal party and family. Ideally, we like to send one person to meet you, and one person to meet your partner. Our advice would be to schedule 60 minutes before you need to leave for ceremony if you're getting photos only, or 90 minutes if it's photos + stop motion.


Your styling at the venue: your cake, your flowers, your lovely details. You’ve spend ages trying to curate a beautiful event, you want to be able to remember all the details! Tell us what time the styling will be set up – we’d love half an hour for one photographer to shoot in the daylight if possible.


This bit’s easy. You show up, marry your true love and we take photos. Usually 30 minutes if it's a civil ceremony, or an hour if it's a church/traditional wedding. 

CONGRATULATORY HUGS + huge group shot

A huge group shot with everyone who attends your ceremony. Allow 30 minutes after your ceremony to hug people, but let them know they’re not allowed to wander off until they’ve all been in the big group shot! The shot takes about 1 minute to take, but 15 minutes to get everyone together. A bossy bridesmaid or groomsman can be very useful here!


Smaller group shots with your family, and any other groups you think are important. Get these straight after the big group shot to minimise the amount of cat-herding necessary. If there are specific group combinations you want – tell someone in your bridal party who knows everyone and can help us organise people. Allow another 30 minutes here, again because it can take ages to round people up!


Shots of just the two of you, and maybe your bridal party, if you like.  If we can shoot during the golden hour before sunset, this is ideal. If you’re mid way through your reception by the time golden hour starts, we’d love even ten minutes outside with you. If there’s no chance of golden hour photos, schedule this time for as late in the afternoon as possible to avoid the harsh midday sun (or we can find a shady spot!).

We'd love 60 minutes for this if photos only or 90 minutes if photos + stop motion. This doesn't mean we'll be shooting the entire time; it just means that we don’t have to rush -- you can have a break and chat to your bridal party and drink champagne and all that, and not just have us directing them from shot to shot! It’s nicer, more relaxed and less taxing on everyone.


All the stuff that happens at the reception. Any speech giving, cake cutting, garter throwing, wild dancing. We’d love to stay all night to tell the full party story – the emotional speeches, laughing guests, awesome dance moves! Trust me, you don’t want to fake your cake cutting or your first dance – it’s weird when people do that. The photo booth is popular all night (and, surprisingly enough, tends to get more hilarious as the night continues...

If you can't have us for the entire night, we'd recommend at least 1 hour of dancing, and not just end the photography at the cake cutting. It is always awesome to have dancing photos and it’s a nice way to end the story. But also because invariably things are running behind schedule and having an hour should give us a bit of a buffer. 


Email us if you'd like us to help build your runsheet . We'd love to make things easier for you!