6 Things That Could Ruin Your Wedding Day Mood


6 things that could ruin your wedding day mood

It's the day of your wedding! After those gruelling months of preparation, you and your beloved will finally walk down the aisle, looking like royalty, waiting to hold hands and make your vows to eternity.

But strangely, something's off. You’re feeling grouchy. And here a few reasons why…..

Let's face it: no matter how much you plan for your wedding, there will always be a little crinkle left to iron out. It could be a small detail, or a bigger mess. Before that happens, it's good to know what could possibly go wrong on your wedding, and how you could resolve it before it dampens your mood.


1. Bad weather.

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Nothing can be as fickle as the weather. And the worst part? It does not, at times, want to cooperate. This could be your total mood buster if you haven’t planned well - thunderstorms during your outdoor ceremony, glaring sun leaving you sticky and cross, a sharp wind cutting right through your thin frock. None of these things need to ruin your day! Make sure you’ve got a wet weather option that will make you as happy as your sunny day plan. Consider the light and the heat if you’re planning a summer do, and don’t forget that 3pm in December can feel (and look!) like noon - read, squinty guests, sweaty people in fancy suits (and maybe even sunstroke!). Perhaps the easiest to plan for is the cool weather, a chic extra layer can leave you feeling cosy!  



2. Feeling hangry.

You’re super nervous, there are still tonnes of things to do, you’re running around like a chook trying to get everything (and everyone!) organised and… you forgot brekkie. And lunch. Whoops. Come the reception, your first glass of champagne will leave you with a headache, and you’ll be too tired to dance all night! Make sure you eat something super nutritious for brekkie, and plan for catering throughout the day - for you AND the VIPs!

3. Delays.

Half-an-hour before the wedding, and your guests are still trying to find the villa hidden by the beach. Your Dad (of course) is stuck in traffic and you're waiting for him before you can leave. Take heart; delays are a fact of life, even at weddings. When you write your schedule, make sure there’s as much wriggle room as possible - being stressed about the timing on the day really isn’t necessary! Worst case scenario? You’re hanging out with your true love for a few quiet moments!


4. Too many annoying opinions.

Our solution? Delegate. Let your family members with all their helpful ideas handle specific errands. Assign them to do small, simple tasks that could take the burdens off your hands, and leave them feeling important and in control. If you have a trusted friend or relo who can take calls for you, awesome! That way the guests looking for parking can call them!


5. Physical discomfort.

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Nothing kills your mood like sore feet or a headache. Make sure your shoes are comfortable (and not brand new!) and consider bringing a comfortable pair to swap into so you can dance the night away. Keep panadol (or your painkiller of choice!) nearby, and a little bag with emergency supplies (and snacks!).


6. Not hiring the right person for the job.

Your friend who said she’d do the playlist chose too much skrillex and too few cheesy pop tunes. Your uncle said he’d do the video for you, but by the end of the ceremony you see him gossiping with your dad, and the camera lays unused beside him. You hired a super cheap photographer who said he’d hand over all the files, and he seems flustered and unprepared, and never quite seems to be in the right place at the right time (and his constant flash during the ceremony was such a mood killer!). Seasoned pros can make it look so easy that anyone can do their jobs - when in fact it’s the years of practice and hard work that makes them so confident (and able to calmly deal with whatever craziness the day throws at them).


Your wedding may not go exactly according to plan, but these small inconveniences shouldn’t ruin your day. With the right preparations you can spend your day in pure bliss, without a care in the world (except, perhaps, not spilling your delish dinner on your fancy outfit!).

Just in case you hadn't guessed, we've got loads of helpful (!) opinions. We'd love to chat to you about your wedding, and hopefully we can help you avoid some of these pitfalls!